Alliant International University | Password Reset Web Site

Every 180 days faculty, staff, and students are required to change their password.
This password change will impact the Alliant network, email, and Moodle.

Domain: IMPORTANT! Students, staff, and faculty MUST all select ALLIANT as their DOMAIN.
Username: As a rule, the first letter of the first name + last name. For instance John Doe = jdoe
Current password: New students refer to the orientation package.
Minimum of 8 characters with at least one UPPER and one lower case letter, a number, and special character (!@#$). Your name and/or ID# will not be accepted. Your new Password CANNOT be similar to your existing password(This applies to your last five passwords).
Confirm new password:

To get help send an email to the IT helpdesk at or call at 844-313-4357